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Empowering Your Journey

The Vision Behind TM Computer Services

Welcome to TM Computer Services – your partner in transforming side hustles into thriving enterprises.


Led by Tina-Marie, we specialize in blending technology with entrepreneurship, taking you on a journey from idea to income. Let's build your business together, one empowered step at a time.

Begin Your Entrepreneurial Journey Today!

 The heart behind TM Computer Services. My journey began as a creative soul, driven by the allure of technology's possibilities. Guided by a vision to empower entrepreneurs, I evolved into a tech-savvy trailblazer.


Today, I lead TM Computer Services with a mission to help others seamlessly blend their passions with the digital landscape, propelling dreams into reality.

 Elevate Your Side Hustle 

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Discover a spectrum of services tailored for creative entrepreneurs like you:

Strategic Business Coaching

IT Solutions and Consulting

Website Design

Workshops and Training

Hi, I'm Tina-Marie, your tech-savvy partner in empowerment.

When I'm not assisting with entrepreneurial dreams, you'll find me exploring the great outdoors with my boyfriend Zack and my dog, Winston.

You can find me on Jeep adventures, chasing waterfalls or fireside by the ocean featuring a good ol' east coast sunset.  With a zest for the great outdoors, I have been known to craft success stories and unforgettable moments, both online and off. 

Embodying the art of blending tech brilliance with nature's beauty. With me, your journey to success is more than a business – it's a holistic experience.

Ready to Connect and Ignite Your Journey?

Credits That Speak Volumes


Computer Business Application Specialist 


Business Certificates:

Financial Planning       


Computerized Accounting 

Project Management

Microsoft Certified    

Web Design

Digital Marketing    

Content Marketing AI

Chris- CLH Construction Ltd

Business Coaching & IT Support
Highly recommend! Anyone seeking computer literacy and technology integration coaching while starting a new business. Tina-Marie's calm and relaxed approach creates a comfortable learning environment, while her organizational skills ensure well-structured sessions. Her effective teaching techniques make complex concepts easy to understand, enabling practical application in real-world scenarios.

Community Over Competition

Explore a thriving network of current clients and valuable business connections. These relationships are the heartbeat of my entrepreneurial  journey, showcasing shared successes and collaborative growth.

Join our vibrant community where connections inspire mutual triumphs

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