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Unlock Your Business Potential

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Aspiring entrepreneur, determined to turn your artistic passion into a successful venture?


At TM Computer Services, I specialize in guiding individuals just like you through the journey of merging creativity with entrepreneurship.

Elevate Your Creative Passion into a Thriving Business with Personalized Strategic Coaching!

Drawing from my own experience and understanding the challenges and opportunities you face, I offer a tailored approach to help you harness technology's power. Whether you're an artist, writer, or craftsperson, our partnership will focus on identifying tools and strategies that maximize your unique business potential.

From establishing your online presence to optimizing social media strategies, I'll equip you with the skills to seamlessly integrate technology into your business model. With expert guidance, you'll navigate the digital landscape confidently, transforming your creative passion into a thriving enterprise.

Ready to transform your creative hobby into a profitable business?


Book a free discovery with TM Computer Services today to embark on this exciting journey of entrepreneurship and innovation. Together, let's realize your dream of building a prosperous business while staying true to your artistic vision.


  • Assistance with online Registry of Joint Stock Companies

  • Business planning 

  • Accounting software setup

  • Business account setup

  • Logo design 

  • Grant and program application forms

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Question about the services? 

Send me a message or get me directly in the chat. Be sure to subscribe for access to our conversation at a later date! 


Business and Technology Strategist  


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