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Elevate Your Online Presence 

TM Computer Services Web Design

Professional Website Design: Transform your brand into a captivating online experience. With a visually stunning and user-friendly website design, your platform will capture your essence and captivate your target audience. Stand out amidst competitors with a website that beautifully harmonizes aesthetics and functionality.


Design + Empowerment: Unleash the full potential of your website with our Design and Training package. Empower yourself to manage and optimize your platform with personalized training sessions. Gain control over content updates and minor modifications, ensuring your website stays current and engaging.


Complete Website Management: Prefer a seamless experience? Opt for our Website Design Support and Management package. I will handle every facet of your website journey – from initial design to ongoing maintenance. Focus on your business while we safeguard your online presence, keeping it secure, updated, and thriving.

No matter your choice, rest assured, exceptional results await. Marrying imagination, technical mastery, and a customer-centric ethos, I craft websites that forge lasting connections and drive real-world outcomes for your business. Don't miss the chance to stand out in the digital realm. Reach out today to discuss your website design aspirations and select the package that perfectly aligns with your ambitions.

Together, let's craft a website that sets you apart and propels your success.

 I offer a trio of comprehensive packages tailored to your individual needs, ensuring your online identity is as exceptional as your vision.

I understand that every business is unique, and your website should reflect that.

Training Topics

  • WIX editor navigation

  • E-comm setup and management 

  • SEO optimization 

  • Mobile optimization

  • Website analytics

  • Design principles 

  • User experience 

  • WIX app integrations customization

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Business and Technology Strategist  


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